Primary School Certificate (PSC)

Primary School Certificate

Bangladesh is one of the countries that is rapidly developing day by day in all sectors. To increase the rate of primary education of Bangladesh, the ministry of education introduced PSC exam in 2010. The is the exam which certifies the completion of primary education in Bangladesh.

What is PSC EXAM

PSC stands for Primary School Certificate. This exam is the first competitive exam for the students of Bangladesh. Only the students of class V can sit for this exam every year. After the successful completion of the exam, they get promoted to the next class.

This exam includes six compulsory subjects administered in Bengali, without the English language test. The subjects are –

  • Bangla
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Religion

Each of this subject contains 100 marks. The exam contains multiple choice question (MCQ) with three or four options, fill in the blanks, open-ended questions that require short constructive answers, and essay writing.

Performance is measured by the percentage of marks obtained by the student out of the maximum mark. The maximum marks which is attainable is 600 as each subject contains 100 marks.

The minimum requirement of passing a subject is scoring at least 33 marks. It is set by the government and if any student doesn’t meet this requirement, he/she will have to sit for that exam again in next year.

Based on the percentage of marks, some students are also awarded scholarship by the government. Although the percentage varies every year.


Primary School Certificate

Exam Procedures

If a student is in class V than he/she can sit for this exam. But they have to fill a form from their school and collect the admit card for the exam. All the procedures are generally handled by the school authorities.

On the exam hall, the students must need to bring their admit card. Otherwise, he/she can’t sit for the exam. Candidates also need to write their name and signature on the exam paper to ensure their presence. Unless they will be considered as absent.

There are certain rules provided by the government for the students and examiners also. No cheating is allowed at the time of the exam. Smart devices are also prohibited.

Mark Distribution

The Education Board publishes the result of PSC examination in GPA system. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. This depends on grade point(GP) gained by a student in every subject.

For example, If a student scores 80 or higher in a subject, his/her grade point is 5.00. If the mark is in between 70 to 79, then GP is 4.00. By this way, the GP gained from each subject will be counted and from that, the GPA will be published as the final result.

For a better understanding look at this chart:

Marks RangeGrade Point(GP)Letter Grade
0 To 320.00F
33 To 391.00D
40 To 492.00C
50 To 593.00B
60 To 693.50A-
70 To 794.00A
80 To 1005.00A+

Primary School Certificate Exam 2017

In 2017, this exam was held on 19th November and continued until 26th November. The starting time of the exam was 11 am and finished at 1.30pm.  About 30,96,075 students participated in this exam across the country. Among them 12,99,985 were male and 15,04,524 were females.

PSC Exam Result 2017

The exam result was published on 30th December. 95.18% students had passed in 2017. In total, 26,96,216 students appeared for the examinations and 25,66, 271 were successful in passing the exam. Among them, 2,62,609 got GPA-5. The highest pass rate was in Barishal with 96.22%. To check PSC result you need to go the official website of DPE website

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