Junior School Certificate & Its Mark Distribution System

Junior School Certificate or JSC in brief, a public examination applicable to students of class VIII in Bangladesh. JSC exam was held for the first time in Bangladesh in 2010 for the students  of general schools.

 JSC exam is a public examination which is applicable to students of class eight in Bangladesh. It is under Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards Bangladesh

The students who passed this examination will get a Junior School Certificate. And they will get the class nine admission chance.

In addition, a junior scholarship will provide on the basis of the results of this examination.

Generally, The Boards gives two (02) type of scholarship.

One is Talent pool scholarship and other is General scholarship.

The Process of Junior School Certificate (JSC) Exam

JSC Exam

Candidates have to collect their Admit Card from their respective organizations at least three days before the start of the examination.

The exam is taken according to the time mentioned in the question paper.

For the creative and multiparty test, the candidate will use the same answer sheet.

The candidate will collect answer sheet and OMR to write the examination roll number, registration number, subject code, etc. and fill the circle.

Whereas OMR forms are verified with the OMR machine, there is a restriction on folding the answer sheets.

Candidates must sign their signature on every subject. Because it needs to ensure that they have participated in the examinations or not.

Every candidate can only participate in the examination of subject or subjects mentioned in the register.

In any case, it is not possible to participate in the examination in different subjects. If anyone does that he will be considered absent.

The candidate only gets the right to use the general scientific calculator in the examination.

There was a time when students had a tendency to copy in the exam. But now it has reduced considerably.

To prevent duplication in the examination, Government has taken some crucial steps.

One is that without the secretary of the examination center, no one can use the cell phone.

Within 10 days of the results of the examination published, there is a chance to apply for Re-evaluation through SMS.

Junior School Certificate Examination is taken in 10 subjects.

Each subject has taken 100 marks. English First Letter, English second paper does not have Multiple-Choices.

There will be Multiple-Choice questions in Bangla 2nd Paper, Bangla 2nd paper, General Science, Social Science, Religious Education, Agricultural Science/Home economics, and Mathematics as well as parts of the writing section.

In this examination, there is 230 number in Multiple-Choices out of 950 numbers in multi-specialty areas.

There are Multiple-Choices in all subjects except English 1st paper and 2nd paper.

Students have to write the answers on the same answer sheet.

The number of multiple-choice questions on a given Subject is usually the same:


Name Of Subjects


Total Marks



Bengali 1st Paper10030
Bengali 2nd Paper5020
English 1st Paper100Does not have multiple choice questions
English 2nd Paper50Does not have multiple choice questions
General science10030
Social Science10030
Religious education10030
Agricultural Education / Domestic Economy10030
Physical Education and Health5020
Charu & Karukola5020
Kormo & Jibonmukhi Sikkha (Work and Life-Oriented Education)5020

JSC Exam Mark Distribution System:

The Education Boards of Bangladesh publish the JSC exam result based on Grade Point Average (GPA).

It depends on each Subject average Grade Point (GP).

If anyone score 80 (Eighty), His/Her Marks will count as GP 5.00. And if he/she score 79 (Seventy Nine), then Marks will count as GP 4.00.

However, if the score is below 32. He won’t get any Grade Point (GP). His GPA will be F. That means he fails to pass the exam.

Just see the chart below. You will find a better idea about it.


Marks Range


Grade Point(GP)


Letter Grade

0 To 320.00F
33 To 391.00D
40 To 492.00C
50 To 593.00B
60 To 693.50A-
70 To 794.00A
80 To 1005.00A+