Higher School Certificate (HSC) Examination

HSC Exam 2018

Higher School Certificate Examination or HSC exam 2018 will start on 1st April. The HSC exam routine or schedule is not published yet. It will be published in February 2018. But it expected that the written part will end within the second or third week of May 2018. Then the practical examination will take place and expected to finish before June starts.

All the information about exam schedule, results will be available on our website as soon as the Education Board Of Bangladesh releases them.

Want to know more about HSC exam and its procedures? Then go to reading below.

What is HSC exam

HSC stands for Higher Secondary Certificate. This exam is the only method of completing higher secondary education and gateway of Bachelor education. Without passing this exam, nobody is eligible to apply for higher education. So, this exam is the real game changer in every student’s life.

After passing the SSC exam, students join in a college and study to prepare themselves for the HSC exam. Unlike SSC, there are three groups like Science, Business Studies, Humanities.

The student studied in science group in SSC level can change their group in HSC level at the time of admission if they want. But other two group can’t change their group to science.

There are six subjects divided into two parts like 1st part, 2nd part. That’s why students need to give 12 written exams consisting 1200 marks. One subject is optional in each group.

Each exam may have multiple types of questions like open-ended, mcq, essay writing etc according to their demands.

The minimum score of passing in a subject is 33. But if a subject consists of mcq part of the written exam or practical exam then he/she have to pass in all parts/exams individually.

HSC Exam 2018

HSC Exam Procedures

The procedures are almost same as SSC examination. This time, the college authority performs all the required task starting from registration to giving admit card.

These two cards are must for sitting for the exam. During the exam, students need to sign in the attendance sheet and show these cards as a proof of valid student.

Each examination is 3 hours long. If a subject contains MCQ part then examinees have to give back the old answer script before 30 minutes and then start answering the MCQ part. This 30 minute is allocated for MCQ part.


HSC Grading System

The Education Board Of Bangladesh publishes the result of HSC examination is GPA (Grade Point Average) system. In this system, if a student scores 80+ mark in a subject, he gets the A+ grade. By the same way, if any student gets 70-79 mark, he receives grade A. By this way, depending on the mark, students get A-, B, B-, B+, C, C-, C+ etc. If a student fails on a subject then he gets F grade.

For each grade, there are points also. If a student gets A+, then he earns 5.00 points. In this way, a student total grade point is calculated and the final result is obtained by averaging the total grade point. For clear understanding, see the chart below:


RangeGradeGrade Point
0 – 32F0.00
33 – 39D1.00
40 – 49C2.00
50 – 59B3.00
60 – 69A-3.50
70 – 79A4.00
80 – 100A+5.00


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